Film Music

Audio Post Production

0% Taxes for International Projects

We are the audiovisual production company in Costa Rica,

Avid Certificate, specialized in Music Composition,

Audio Recording and Audio Post Production

 for Film, Television, Video games, Advertising and Artist 


Our original music and sound design services 

enrich the projects of filmmakers, producers,

video game creators and advertising agencies 

nationally and internationally. 


With a personalized approach, we create music and sound effects 

as a tailor-made suit for each project and budget,

always guaranteeing originality and creativity.


Specialized in Berklee College of Music,  

Professional studio equipped

with licensed hardware and software

according to international industry standards.


20 years of experience in audio

Services are 100% exportable

 0% taxes for our international clients

Currently exporting to Spain - Peru - Colombia - Argentina.


We are Cántico Producciones:

Music and Audio that tell stories



Sound design: dialogues - atmospheres - SFX - ADR


Music: composition - recording - production with live musicians or virtual  samplers


Sound re-recording: mixing and mastering


2.1 - 5.1 - 7.1 - Atmos


Live sound recording: live audio form film, documentaries, podcast, musicians

Distance doesn't matter!

Live sound recording for audiovisual projects, movies, documentaries, advertising videos, interviews, bands, orchestras, events, podcasts.

Distances no longer matter, our audio post production services are produced with the highest quality according to international standards, through the Source Connect platform.

No matter where our client is located, we send audio tracks to be listened in real time, without delay, with the highest quality, without delays. 

Castings, recordings, remote online dubbing, in real time, while we receive feedback from the director, producer, creative or head of the audio department.

In podcast production we can record remotely without the need to be all in the same place with maximum quality.

Recording, editing and delivery of audio tracks with simple and secure delivery, in real time, 100% online.


Film, Tv , Animation

Sound design: Music and effects tailored to each budget


100% original music, diegetic or extradiegetic

Soundtracks composition: lyrics and music against video

Recording with live musicians or samplers with film quality

Recording and Direction of ADR - Dubbing - Voice Over

Script adaptation

Audio Restoration, rescue of defective dialogues or ambiences


Recording, Mixing and Mastering


Foley Artist


Mixing 2.1 , 5.1, 7.1, Atmos

Soundtrack, dialogs, effects, music, etc. 


We are Avid Certified in Audio Post Production for Film, T.V. and Video Games

 and part of the Warner Bros network of dubbing studios.


Creation of Jingles ( lyrics and music)

Recording, Directing and Production of Voice Actors and Voice Talents

Corporate Video Production (from script to post)

Corporate Logo Animation

Sound Branding

Professional Musicians and Voice Talents Portfolio

IVR Production

Music Production

Live the experience of recording in a studio
Live the experience of recording in a studio


Music PRODUCTION for bands, choirs, pianists, classical and folk ensembles .

Musical DIRECTION during recording

Editing and MIXING


ORQUESTRATION with professional virtual instruments

Musical composition

ADAPTATION of letters

ROOMS with capacity to record all types of live instruments

Professional EQUIPMENT and software

Christian Solís : Music Production, Berklee College of Music.

Film Music and Audio Post Production from one place