Film Music & Audio Post


Audiovisual Production Company in Costa Rica,

Specialized in Original Music and Audio Post Production

for Film, Television, Video Games and Advertising. 


With a personalized service,

we create music and sound design according

to the dramatic and narrative needs of each project


Our studio is equipped with profesional hardware and licensed software.


We have the distinguished international certifications: 

Avid User Certified

Avid Post Producer Certified

and Avid Dolby Atmos Certified.


20 years of experience in audio

Services 100% exportable

 0% taxes for our international clients


We are Currently exporting to

Spain - Peru - Ecuador- Colombia - Argentina - New York - El Salvador


Thanks to the Promotora de Comercio Exterior, PROCOMER and 

and the Costa Rica Film Commission

we strengthen our position in the international film market

with the export of our projects and services


We are Cántico Producciones

Music and Audio that tell stories



Film - T.V - Ads

Animation - Video Games

Sound Design

SFX and Foley

ADR Recording and Direction 

Music Composition 

Editing & Mixing 

Audio Restoration


2.1 - 5.1 - 7.1 - Atmos

Live sound recording

We are part of the Warner Bros. Network

of Dubbing Studios in LATAM.

100% original music: diegetic or extradiegetic

Lyrics and Music Composition


Jingles ( lyrics and music)

Recording, Directing and Production 

Corporate Video Production from script to post

Corporate Logo Animation

Sound Branding

Professional Musicians

Voice Talents Portfolio

IVR Production

Pod cast production

Audio books Production


"Memorias de Infancia" by Christian Solís Núñez, was performed and recorded by the Orquesta Filarmonía de Madrid under the tutelage of its Principal Conductor Pascual Osa, in Casa de Cantabria, Madrid during the month of December 2022

Christian has a master degree in Music Composition with New Technologies from the Universidad de la Rioja, he is audiovisual producer, music producer, music educator, sound designer and audio post producer for film and television. He also studied Composition and Orchestration for film an TV, and Music Production at Berklee College of Music.

Enjoy the recording and know more about his varied compositional style

Audiovisual Projects:

TV Series :

La Remendona ( 6 cap) Nominated "Premios Platino"

Un encuentro con la historia ( 100 cap)

Trayectorias Juveniles (5 cap)

 Animation Las aventuras de Tricolín (6 cap) Premio El Fauno

La Cualquiera

Juan K ido del cielo I temp.


Feature Film:

Viejos en Apuros. Spain

El grito de la Marea. Peru

Hija de la Muerte. Costa Rica

Enredados la Confusión. Costa Rica - Bollywood

Te presento a mi novio. Costa Rica

El Lugar más feliz del Mundo. Costa Rica



Imelda is not Alone 2023

Mas allá de la meta. Costa Rica

La Isla del Coco. Costa Rica

Simbiosis. Costa Rica



La Audición 

Anna. Ganadora del Icaro. 

El Emigrante



Advertising for LATAM 

Dunn Edwards Paint Color Stories. EUA

SC Johson 






Coca Cola



Nomad Data Center



Tribunal Centroamericano del Agua

Scheiner Electric



Pertec Global Services




Video games Play Station

My name is Mayo II

My name is Mayo III

Film Music and Audio Post Production from one place