Music and Audio

Recording Studio in Costa Rica

Music Composition for film and T.V

Audio post production 

We are the Audiovisual Production Company

in Costa Rica, specialized in Musical Composition,

Recording and Audio Post Production 

for Film and TV.


Our services of original music and sound design,

enrich the projects of

filmmakers, advertising agencies and musicians,

at national and international level.


With a personalized treatment,

we guide you in every step of the creative process

in the preproduction, production

and post production stages of projects,

offering music and audio solutions

adapted as far as possible, to each budget.


Specialized at the Berklee College of Music,

we  create the music and sound design that will help you tell your story. 


Our recording studio has capacity to record all types of music instruments,

with professional equipment and software

at international level such as Protools Ultimate.


Our services are 100% exportable


We are "Cántico Producciones"

music and audio that tell stories.


Christian Solís Music Composer
Estudio de Grabación Cántico Producciones

Why us?

Our services are 100% exportable, and delivered remotely. 

Forget about the most common problems:

lack of creative unity between music and sound design or unbalanced dialogues and sound effects.

We are songwriters, we are singers, 

we are music and audio that tell stories.

Film Music

  • FILM MUSIC: supported with great sound effects that help you tell your story in a creative and sensitive way.
  • LYRICS and MUSIC 100% original 
  • Audio solutions ADAPTED to each budget
  • LIVE musicians

Audio Post Production


  • ADR: audio dialog replacement, with dubbing actors or with the protagonists of your film. 
  • SOUND DESING: sound effects and foley recording professionally mixed.
  • FINAL MIX of dialogs, sound effects and music
Música y efectos Cántico Producciones
Demo Serie TV Canal 7

Music Production

Record your album and share it with the world!

Live the experience of recording in a studio
Live the experience of recording in a studio
  • RECORDING STUDIO in Costa Rica
  • Music PRODUCTION for bands, choirs, pianists, classical and folk ensembles .
  • Musical DIRECTION during recording
  • Editing and MIXING
  • ORQUESTRATION with professional virtual instruments
  • Musical composition
  • ADAPTATION of letters
  • ROOMS with capacity to record all types of live instruments
  • Professional EQUIPMENT and software
  • Christian Solís : Music Production, Berklee College of Music.


Servicios de Música y Audio para publicidad y empresas
Servicios de Música y Audio para publicidad y empresas
  • BRAND MUSIC: sticky melodies
  • Sound MARK
  • Complete production of JINGLES from the composition of lyrics and music, casting of voices, recording of musicians and singers to the final mastering.
  • IVR: interactive voice response for telephone answering machines
  • ADR : Video dubbing and subtitling
  • Recording of announcers
  • Training videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Pod cast edition


Preproduction, production and post production of audio from the same place 

From Monday to Saturday:
9.00am - 10.00 pm 
Sunday: closed